Custom Software Project Management

Project Management Consultancy Service for Custom Software Projects

Verimix supports you in your Custom Software Projects thanks to its prior knowledge and experience gained through dozens of projects successfully accomplished after 25 years of Enterprise Software Development

Project Planning and Analysis

The “project planning and analysis process” determines how the process will go and what kind of results you will encounter in your software projects. Our Verimix Project Management Team, gives you an in-depth overview for planning and creating analytic processes to determine possible errors. This ensures that companies can take-away the highest productivity from the programs we offer. 

Project Development

How was the basic framework of the software created? Have integrations with other software been designed? Has the data flow been provided and have business processes been determined? All these questions are reviewed in Verimix Consultancy Service constantly. Responses are examined and missed or wrong areas are always revised in the coding for your unique software so that all processes that should have been applied, are ensured.

Test and Control

Go live for a coded software, meaning before it is applied, it should be passed through specific tests by our project test-team and its users. Our Verimix project team, provides consultancy services at various stages and carefully control responses and outcomes in order to allow companies to thrive.  

Although we are always trying for “perfect,” there is no perfect software out there.  However, if there is one close to perfect, it’s one that can answer individual needs and create solutions before the problem even arises.  This is exactly why here at Verimix we focus highly on project processes and how they’re operated. Verimix ensures that you get a close to perfect result, while receiving top-notch consultations with our team  that are also ever-changing based on your companies’ needs.

Custom Software Project Processes

Planning and Analysis


Software Development

Go Live

Support and Maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

You can utilize Verimix Consultation services in any stage of your software projects. However, our recommendation for optimum results, we recommend consultation in the beginning of the planning and later on in the analysis process in order to talk through needed revisions.

You can utilize Verimix Consultancy service in any stage of your software projects. However, the highest productivity and close to perfect result, we recommend you to consult us in project planning and analysis process.

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