We established Verimix in 2020 with the belief and aim of having a place amongst leader software brands of Turkey and with the trust to successful projects that we performed and 25 years of corporate software experience.

Our infrastructure is very strong and our willingness to produce is very strong, we have signed many successful projects beyond the borders of Turkey in a short period of time since our establishment.

Our Bundle Solutions

Verimix ÜTS

More than 25 organisations in Turkey use Verimix ÜTS for integration of their ERPs with ÜTS.
Detailed Information

Corporate Custom Software Projects

Pepsi Turkey- B2B Data Collection Application

Pepsi headquarters receives sales and stock reports from all chain stores regularly every day with the boot program that we developed.

ITDropShop- Service Tracking Application

The UK based company tracks all its service movements through the platform and application created by Verimix.

GEAVIA- Air Cargo Order Tracking Application

Geavia tracks its specific cargo and airplane-flight operations with our software processes.

ADO Maden - Mobile Storage Management Application and ERP Application

Ado Maden has fully integrated our system, Logo ERP, into the center of their mobile and web tracking softwares. This allows them to have multiple language options while having an organized and clear system for their goods traveling to or from Turkey.

Diktaş / Ören Bayan İplik - B2B Application (400 Dealers)

Diktas has also used our Logo ERP system which makes tracking orders and receiving account breakdowns regularly easier than ever before.

Yıldırım Kırtasiye – Uyumsoft & Toshiba Cash Register Integration

With the application that we wrote, we send stock cards and prices in Uyumsoft to the cash register and we provide cash register integration by sending sales invoices in Toshiba cash register to ERP.

Constructsum- Construction Management Practice (UK)

In the application we have programmed considering the construction project contracting processes in the UK, users track the construction projects, project costs and progress payments.

HD Holding - Restaurant Back Office Application (400 Restaurants + Central Staff)

Approximately 400 restaurants affiliated to HD Holding follow all business processes and personnel tracking through the application that we wrote and generated data is sent to the centre and transferred to Logo ERP.

Thomson Reuters - QA Test Engineer Service (Canada)

Verimix developed an artificial intelligence test application for the company to test in-house software.

System Hotel Property Management System- Logo ERP Integration

We actualized an integration System for Hotels that is now being used in 12 countries and approximately 1650 hotels, with Logo ERP.

Landmark Store Sales Application

Thanks to our mobile application, Landmark stores instantly sell products that are out of stock in their stores via tablets and all these operations are managed by the centre.