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With our corporate solutions, presenting your data accurately and bringing value to your company has never been easier. And as the competition rises to the occasion, we stay on top of the latest practices and updates for you! 

Verimix ÜTS

More than 25 organisations in Turkey use Verimix ÜTS for integration of their ERPs with ÜTS.
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B2B Hot Sales Field Application
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How Do We Enhance The Value Of Your Data?

Planning and Analysis

Our experienced Verimix team asks key questions, and determines future needs so that current programs are in place to maximize productivity as well as accelerate all processes.


Need analysis modeling flow is ensured in the most efficient manner while also being integrated with other software.

Software Development

After analysis, planning and design processes are completed, coding is initiated. Minimum error and maximum efficiency are observed with regular tests.

Go Live

After desired results are taken from the tests, “Go Live” allows for last minute revisions and updates even though the software development process is completed.

Support and Maintenance

We then want to offer and ensure quality support to our customers based on any needs that may come up after our software and data have been installed.

with Verimix..

ERP Independent
Enterprise Software Solutions

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Enterprise Software Solutions

Ministry of Health ÜTS Integration

Automatic notification is performed to ÜTS system of Ministry of Health by reading product movements on Logo ERP. Receiving- taking tracks can be made automatically through sending-receiving processes in planned time intervals and all movements can be reported.

Concrete Plant Integration Application

It ensures initiating production process by transferring sales and purchasing orders taking place in Logo Tiger ERP to Concrete Plant Production Module and transferring concrete production made afterwards to LOGO Tiger ERP as sales waybill.

Logistics WMS Storage Software

LOGO ERP integration is ensured WMS application developed by Verimix where ordered/non-ordered goods entrance into the storage and product dispatch operations and in-storage operations are managed.

Outsource Logistics Center Integration

It reads purchasing orders in LOGO ERP for the products to be taken to the storage and sends entrance order for the goods to the Logistics Center and ensures transferring purchasing waybills to LOGO ERP for the products of which entrance processes are completed by the Logistics Center.

B2B Integration Application

It ensures transferring sales orders coming from the vendors automatically to Logo ERP systems and that they are reflected into production processes. Also it creates reports on the same platform and sends them to the vendors.

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