Verimix VstocX

B2B Hot Sales Field Application

Verimix VstocX is a hot sales application covering invoicing processes of an order by preparing customer orders in a complete and quick manner, of companies dealing with wholesale of hardware, fittings, construction market products and foods that have no field sales operation.

Instant Inventory Count and Hot Sales

In Verimix VstocX application, a counting application is included, developed specifically for products in your inventory. Thus, inventory status can be overseen instantly and products can be recommended to the customers during hot sales.

It ensures easy and quick use with its user-friendly interface.

ERP Integration

It is operated in a fully integrated manner with leading ERP applications in Turkey. Sales belonging to that day made in that branch office/ company, can be transferred to the ERP system. Performance data is taken into account and compared with ERP inventors in order to improve desired results.

Detailed Reports and Dashboard

Thanks to the developed reporting interfaces of Verimix Hot Sale application, there are opportunities to create branch based, current year based or product based detailed reporting. Close follow-ups are ensured through sales performance dashboards prepared specifically for company executives.

Verimix VstocX Topology

Verimix VstocX Topology

Benefits Ensured by VstocX

Instant Sales Team Tracking

  • You can instantly track orders received by your sales personnel/ sale representatives.
  • You can track daily performances of your Sales Personnel.
  • You can increase productivity with improving Order and Invoicing processes.

Quick and Complete Product Delivery

  • Since all products in inventory are viewed on VstocX completely, correct product is recommended to the customer.
  • An order for selected products is created instantly and sent to cash desk for invoicing.
  • Current record for the product is created in the preparation stage, and the products are sent to the customer practically instantly without any waiting.

Fully Integrated with ERP

  • Order tracking is instantly made by reflecting received orders to ERP system.
  • E-invoice/e-archive can be issued instantly for the customer thanks to its ERP Integration.
  • Inventory updates for store/storage/sales representative’s vehicles can be made instantly and their results are transferred to ERP and counting so any errors are tracked.

Improved Reporting

  • Branch based order, collection and product amounts in inventory can be tracked instantly.
  • Access to Branch based current account receivable/payable tracking.

  • Provides detailed tracking and reporting opportunities for executive dashboards.

With VERIMIX difference…

B2B Hot Sales Field Application

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